Renters, Work This Crazy Market To Your Advantage

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Renters are in an unusually auspicious position right now in New York City. Like buy-a-lotto-ticket-good. We’re Brooklyn forever but even we can’t help gawking at some of the rent reductions we’re seeing in Manhattan and getting a little 90s nostalgia.  Of course, the caveat is that you […]

ICYMI: Insider Tips and Tricks to Moving in NYC

In case you missed it, way back in April—remember April?—Realty Collective President Victoria Alexander presented this short and sweet guide to moving in NYC. How much lead time do you need? Maybe more than you think. When do you tell your landlord? ASAP (especially if you’re willing to postpone a move for a rent reduction). […]

COVID-19 and the Brooklyn Real Estate Market: What We’re Seeing

Brooklyn real estate is very resistant to crystal-ball pronouncements, much to our disappointment. It seems like right now everyone is asking the same questions about clarity, preparedness, and the future. And the truth is that we just don’t know what to expect in the coming months.  COVID-19 has been an unprecedented experience for our borough […]

COVID Rent Relief Program Applications Open Today

New Yorkers can now apply for a one-time rent relief subsidy to offset the burden of rent while so many people remain out of work due to COVID-19. According to the state’s official website, “The rental assistance payment will cover the difference between the household’s rent burden on March 1, 2020 and the increase in […]

AMA: Brooklyn Real Estate

We’re so excited to bring you our first ever AMA (Ask Me Anything) event all about Brooklyn real estate! This Zoom presentation happens on July 30 at 5 PM and will be hosted by Realty Collective Founder Victoria Alexander and longtime RC Agent Tina Fallon, two ethical agent superstars with a deep and abiding love […]

Cuomo Extends Eviction Moratorium to August 20

During his Thursday daily briefing, Governor Cuomo announced an extension of the eviction moratorium through August 20. Previously, the moratorium was set to expire on June 20. This applies to both residential and commercial tenants. Cuomo remains resistant to calls for a rent moratorium (as mortgage-holders have received) but announced the rent issue would be […]

Can’t Make Rent in April? We Have Some Advice That Might Help.

Right now many of you are likely dealing with income or job loss due to COVID-19. We know the next few months are full of uncertainty. While we don’t have any easy answers, one thing we can offer is our expertise. If you can’t make rent (especially for April), we have some advice.  As awkward […]

You’re Invited: Insider Tips and Tricks to Moving in NYC | THIS Friday!

Update: See the full presentation below. Join us this Friday at New York’s hottest meeting spot—Zoom Meetings—for an insider’s look at everything you need to know about moving in NYC. Our founder, Victoria Alexander, will be sharing the info she’s acquired over the past 15+ years helping people find their new home in Brooklyn.  The […]