6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Refinance

Refinancing your mortgage can be the smartest financial decision you ever make. It can also be risky. And a time sink and a mental drain. But when you do it right? Hoo boy, can it mean big savings in the long run. So if you’re debating it, we’re giving you six questions to ask yourself […]

Selling a Property With Tenants

Once you’ve decided to sell a rental property, there are two routes you, as the landlord, can opt to go: You can wait for the tenant’s lease to expire before putting the property on the market or you can sell with tenants still in the home. As you might have guessed, there are pros and […]

How Much Does It Cost to Sell a Home?

When you’re thinking about selling your home, it can be easy to quickly get overwhelmed by all the unknowns. Not only is the process time-consuming, it can be expensive too—and riddled with surprise costs homeowners might not expect. So before you check the Zestimate, pull the comps, or pull up your calculator app to run […]

Meet Laura Vogel, a Producer Forging Her Own Unique Career Path

We’ve got a thing for multi-tasking, multi-hyphenate women around here. In fact, most of Realty Collective’s agents double as creatives in their non-real-estate lives. You’ve probably met RC agent Tina Fallon, producer of the long-running 24 Hour Plays, but we’d like to introduce you to another woman getting things done in Brooklyn by putting her […]

Escape From New York: A Guide to Buying in the Hudson Valley

This is the first in a series of five blog posts about buying in the Hudson Valley. Look for a new post each day this week. First things first, no, we don’t want you to bail on Brooklyn. For the record, we’re staying put and there’s no place we’d rather ride out this pandemic (or […]

Real Estate Lingo 101: Breakeven Horizon

If you were to look at real estate as a totally dispassionate, rational, and transactional prospect, the conventional wisdom says that if you’re doing a short hitch in a city—New York, yes, but Sacramento, Little Rock, wherever, it doesn’t matter—it’s best to rent and not buy. If you’re staying for the long haul, go ahead […]

Watch the Latest Buying Into Brooklyn Presentation | New Info, New Questions

Every time we partner with Attorney Rashidah Siddiqui and Loan Originator Lisa Yountchi for one of our presentations, we uncover new information to share with you about the Brooklyn home buying process—not to mention the fantastic questions we field from participants. If you haven’t seen the presentation before, now’s your chance. You can watch it […]

You’re Invited | Buying From a Design Perspective: What to Look For When Shopping For a Home, Fixer upper vs Turn key

We’ve all been glued to our TVs and following along on social media, trying to get the low-down on buying a bargain fixer upper. A little sweat equity, a lot of elbow grease, and some imagination can make it your very own dream house. But we’ve been enticed by those turn-key properties, too. Imagine stepping […]

20% Down Alternatives: Using Gift Money

For many New Yorkers—particularly Xers and Millennials—the path to home ownership often involves gift money for that 20% down payment. If that’s not you, we get it (trust us), and we’ll be covering alternatives in the next few articles because you’re far from alone. For those who do have access to gift money, it can […]

What’s Our Most-Requested Brooklyn Neighborhood Right Now? See Our Latest Listing to Find Out.

549 41ST ST #1B VIDEO TOUR STREETEASY LISTING Whether it’s the panoramic views—from the Statue of Liberty, across the Manhattan skyline, and on to the rest of Brooklyn—the vibrant mix of Latino and Asian cultures, or the lure of the waterfront, Sunset Park is currently our most-requested neighborhood among those buying in Brooklyn. Sure, The […]