Who We Are

Realty Collective was founded in 2005 by brokers who believed that the Brooklyn real estate experience could be better for everyone. We hired dedicated professionals – who also have rich creative lives outside of their real estate careers – people you might actually enjoy spending time with. Our network of agents includes designers, artists, dancers, producers, photographers, musicians, filmmakers, and writers. These are people who understand that a home is more than just square footage – it is a place to create the environment that reflects and supports who you are.

We live in the communities where we work. Clients often remark that their agents “seem to know everybody” in their neighborhoods. These relationships keep us honest – and they provide us with significant intelligence we can share with our clients. Need to know where to shop, eat, walk your dog? How loud that bar is on weekends? Or what is happening in the next year or so in your area? Our agents can inform on all these.

A Connection to Brooklyn

Founded on a mission of enriching the communities in which we work and live, Realty Collective follows up on its good intentions: the company gives 10% of its profits to local nonprofits. Sheepless.org, whose mission is to “highlight businesses that support their communities and push forward creatively sustainable, responsible services,” singled Realty Collective out for its “first-hand understanding of their clients’ needs.” Also working closely with Brooklyn Greenway Initiative.  It’s a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization committed to the establishment, development and long-term stewardship of the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway.  The Greenway will be a 14-mile, safe, landscaped, off-street route connecting neighbors and neighborhoods to four regional parks and over a dozen local open spaces on Brooklyn’s historic waterfront from Greenpoint to Bay Ridge.  For more information please visit BGI at www.brooklyngreenway.org

Professional Partnerships

Realty Collective collaborates with architects, designers, movers, painters, restorers, plumbers, electricians, developers, and city planners to give our clients access to the best services at the best prices.

On The Street

Realty Collective actively engages in community board meetings and planning sessions. When a Brooklyn community is threatened by overdevelopment or natural disaster, our agents are there to provide support. After Hurricane Sandy, the Realty Collective team volunteered with local groups, opening the Red Hook office space to help residents access FEMA, food, warmth and shelter. In 2013, Victoria Hagman’s work with Portside New York was honored with the Champions for Change award by President Obama.


Realty Collective’s agents teach classes for renters, first-time homebuyers and sellers at the Brooklyn Brainery. Realty Collective pioneered the incredibly popular “Buying into Brooklyn” seminars at the Brooklyn Brewery, a home-buying series sponsored by Wells Fargo and Brooklyn Based featured in New York Times, The Hunt.

Broker Networks

As members of the Real Estate Board of New York, Realty Collective agents stay connected to the citywide brokerage community. REBNY’s membership consists of more than 16,000 property owners, developers, brokers, managers, attorneys and more. Members adopt the Code of Ethics, ensuring fair treatment for all licensees, buyers and sellers participating in a transaction.

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