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Brooklyn real estate has changed—but we’ll guide you through it.

Indulge us in a quick history lesson! Once upon a time, small neighborhood brokers fiercely defended their territories like fiefdoms—but they still lost the battle to giant, impersonal brokerages.

Meanwhile, the real force for change has been the internet, empowering every landlord, tenant, buyer, and seller with a wealth of resources at their fingertips.

Sound Good?
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So if all anyone needs is wi-fi, why do you still need a broker? 


  • The process of buying, selling, and renting is as complex and challenging as ever (if not more so).


Deals may be easier to find but they are harder to hold together. All the stress, confusion, and changes will still be happening but you get us as your buffer! A professional that has the know-how, connections, and fortitude—not to mention a fiduciary responsibility—to do battle on your behalf.


  • Realty Collective gets you real results.


We provide you with expert coaching from ethical and resourceful agents backed by a passionate team (that’s where the “Collective” comes in!) that uses every tool available——to make it happen. We earn our commissions through hard work and careful consideration of your needs.


  • With Real Estate, DIY can be D-I-C-E-Y 


We love an entrepreneurial spirit but sometimes the can-do attitude that works elsewhere can get you in too deep when it comes to one of your biggest financial decisions. We’ll help you to hone messaging, handle difficult negotiations, offer an objective opinion, and steady you in anxious moments. But there’s an even bigger reason to forgo going it on your own—you don’t really save money in the long run. We’ll help you strategize for the long-term. Because it’s not just what you’re spending but what you’re getting in return.

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