This is the #1 Thing Home Buyers Are Surprised About

Get in touch to schedule a phone call to discuss your Brooklyn home search! It can be surprising what tiny tricks the mind plays when you’re trying to make a difficult decision. Sometimes, just one hiccup is enough to make the whole process feel overwhelming. For most people, buying a home is one of the […]

5 Ways To Decide How Much To Offer

Finding the perfect place is only the first step in buying a home. After that, comes the tricky dance of figuring out how much to offer so that you not only land the home, but also a good deal in the process.  Here are five ways we suggest aspiring home owners approach this delicate negotiation.  […]

A Buyer’s Guide To Home Appraisal

A Buyer’s Guide To Home Appraisal If you plan to buy a home, you might be surprised to learn that your lender will be conducting an independent appraisal of the home you’ve picked. It’s not enough for them to go off the home’s list or sale price on faith alone. And that makes sense. After […]

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