Assistance and Options For Landlords

  We know countless renters are struggling in New York City (and beyond) these days but we also recognize that the kinds of landlords we work with (you know who you are and thank you) are not massive developers and faceless management companies, but real people with bills to pay. So when we came across […]

Three Key Tax Deductions Landlords Should Know

If you’re a Brooklyn landlord with the upcoming tax filing deadline on your mind, we want to share a few key deductions to think about. A reminder that we’re not accountants, so use these as a guide but confirm all deductions through a tax professional. Landlord Tax Deductions | Business Expenses Provided you’ve kept good […]

This is the #1 Thing Home Buyers Are Surprised About

Get in touch to schedule a phone call to discuss your Brooklyn home search! It can be surprising what tiny tricks the mind plays when you’re trying to make a difficult decision. Sometimes, just one hiccup is enough to make the whole process feel overwhelming. For most people, buying a home is one of the […]

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