Here’s What To Do With Pets During Showings

Seller Tips for Selling a Home with Pets  Spring equals open house season for real estate, so now is the perfect time to get your place in shape if you plan to sell anytime soon (we’re quickly shifting to a seller’s market right now, if you didn’t know). Part of making your place as attractive […]

NYC Real Estate Glossary

  Brooklyn real estate ads are often a slew of acronyms (WFH is hot this year) buried in a heap of adjectives (“cozy” can have…several meanings). But one thing you’ll come across often are the big three descriptors—pre-war, post-war )you’d think these two would cover it all, right?), and new construction. We’ll break down the […]

Thinking of Buying? Here’s Why You Should Talk To Your Mortgage Broker First

Everybody worries about their taxes. And every buyer worries about how they’re going to look to  mortgage brokers but don’t overlook the fact that they’re often the people in the best position to help you look good to their higher ups. Thinking about buying? Consider talking to a mortgage broker before you file your taxes. […]

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