What’s So Special About a Sponsor Unit Anyway?

Hate the prospect of a co-op board going over your financials with a fine-tooth comb? Think it’s years till you can get anywhere near 20% together for a down payment? It’s time to learn about sponsor units.  What is a sponsor unit?  A special category of apartments in New York City are called “sponsor units.” […]

Why List With Us

Thinking about selling? Give us a call to tell us a bit more about your property and we’ll offer you a free valuation, plus current comps, and a personalized sales plan.  Brooklyn real estate has changed—but we’ll guide you through it. Indulge us in a quick history lesson! Once upon a time, small neighborhood brokers […]

Practically Perfect: Designer Kate Hamilton Gray On a New-To-Market Red Hook Reno

  Open house by appointment, Sunday 12/13 We’re sad to see the current owners move on, but it’s a treat to have this lovely townhouse on the market again. I checked in with designer Kate Hamilton Gray to discuss the renovation.  TF: Hi Kate! I’m a huge fan of your work, as you can probably […]

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