20 Questions Apartment Buyers Forget To Ask

We’ve seen it time and time again — even when searching for our own places. You think and think about all the things you want to know about an apartment before you see it, but the instant you step over the threshold, your mind goes blank. There’s so much to look at, an agent who’llprobably […]

Most Walkable Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

You may not have heard of National Walking Day (admittedly, we hadn’t), but it turns out that—unsurprisingly—New York City once again topped Walk Score’s list of Most Walkable Cities in the country for 2020. In a year of lockdowns, many of us discovered there was nowhere else we’d rather be than a place where (most) […]

Interest Rates Are On the Rise

Whether it can be attributed to the light at the end of the COVID tunnel, the typical busy spring real estate season, or an improving economy, interest rates are once again on the rise. While many buyers were able to lock in at historically low rates the past few months, that may now be changing. […]

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