Read Up on the Tenant Safe Harbor Act, Passed Yesterday

Late yesterday, Governor Cuomo signed into law the Tenant Safe Harbor Act, extending (and building on) the current eviction moratorium.  The quick version: The law still does not offer any rent relief but ensures (at least for the time being) that you cannot be evicted for your inability to pay if your livelihood was adversely […]

AMA: Brooklyn Real Estate

We’re so excited to bring you our first ever AMA (Ask Me Anything) event all about Brooklyn real estate! This Zoom presentation happens on July 30 at 5 PM and will be hosted by Realty Collective Founder Victoria Alexander and longtime RC Agent Tina Fallon, two ethical agent superstars with a deep and abiding love […]

5 for Pride: Our Favorite Brooklyn LGTBQ Businesses

MeMe’s Diner | We love this Prospect Heights retro-modern take on the traditional Brooklyn diner not just for the ambiance (that’s a killer room) but also the playful menu (hello, Everything Bagel Babka). As of this blog, they’re only open for takeout on the weekends but we hope that changes soon.  Babeland | This now-classic […]

Don’t Miss the Next Buying Into Brooklyn Presentation!

DATE: Tuesday, July 14th, 2020 at 5 PM Join us for a fun and informal discussion of all things home-buying in Brooklyn, featuring an all-women panel.  Come with questions! ——– Buying a home in Brooklyn has always been challenging—and COVID-19 hasn’t helped matters. But we’re not giving up! We love Brooklyn and we’re here for […]

NOW HIRING: Realty Collective Is Looking for An Executive Assistant!

Here’s your chance to work with a small-but-mighty crew of real estate professionals led by Founder and President Victoria Alexander. This position will be temporary-to-permanent. Flexibility is key due to the “always-on” nature of real estate. This isn’t a traditional 9-5 but that flexibility goes both ways and you can expect to be in a […]

Pros and Cons of Condos, Co-Ops, and Cond-Ops

In New York City, your home search is a little more complicated than knowing what price range and neighborhood you’re targeting. And even lifelong New Yorkers who are first-time home buyers have trouble remembering the difference between condos and co-ops when they begin the search. (And what on Earth is a cond-op?). If you’re in […]

What Is a Sponsor Unit?

What Is a Sponsor Unit?  Sponsor units are a special category of apartments unique to New York City. In condo buildings, a sponsor unit is one currently owned by the developer and being put up for sale for the first time. In a co-op, a sponsor unit is owned either by the original owner or […]

What Will Your Loan Officer Ask About?

  If you’ve put off the house buying because you’re intimidated by the loan process, we want to demystify it a bit for you. Even though it can feel like you’re being grilled about every personal and financial decision you’ve ever made to the point you arrive at that office, a good loan officer should […]

How To Choose Your Mortgage Broker

  We’ve mentioned this before but it always deserves to be said that connecting with a mortgage broker should be your first stop once you decide you’re ready to buy. They come before the house search, the realtor, or attorney. Because until you know what kind of budget and approval you’re working with, you won’t […]

What’s That? No Office Anymore? Time To Explore New Neighborhoods.

If your job is finally deciding it’s maybe not worth it to pay for two floors of prime Chelsea office space in Manhattan anymore and you might be facing a work-from-home future (or even a once-a-week Manhattan commute future), maybe it’s time to explore some new neighborhoods. This article does a good job introducing you […]