FHA LOANS: Qualifying Your Rental Income to Secure an FHA Loan

So, you’ve purchased a property & you’re collecting rent – now you want to get a FHA home loan. Luckily, there are some guidelines that can help you qualify the rent you collect as income, which can then help you secure the FHA loan.  There are, however, some lengthy rules to determine if your rental […]

New to the {RC} Team – Hi, I’m Farah!

Hey! It’s so great to introduce myself to you – I’m Farah and I’m working as {RC}’s new Executive Assistant! It’s already been such a welcoming atmosphere, working with all of you to help you find your Brooklyn homes. I’d love to share a few fun facts about me, since you all have done your […]

Women-Owned Business Series: Dr. Sanjeet Baidwan of I.M. Well Medical

This week, we spoke to Dr. Sanjeet Baidwan of I.M. Well Medical about her experience as a female business owner who got her start during the pandemic. With her “clinic-in-a-bag” primary care practice, Dr. Baidwan has been serving the Brooklyn community in all matters of health and wellness. Read what she has to say about […]

Brooklyn Bridge | New Home Buyer in Sunset Park

Brooklyn Bridge is our ongoing series featuring our clients’ real stories of what buying in Brooklyn is really like. Buying a home anywhere is a challenge. But buying in Brooklyn is a true journey. Finding that just-right combination of affordability, location, style, and livability can sometimes feel overwhelming. That’s why we wanted to bring you […]

Brooklyn Couple Brings Personality into Bed-Stuy Apartment

When home-buying, it can be difficult to see the potential in a space. Even if you’ve found your dream apartment, it’s always important to find small – or even big – ways to make the place feel like home. Sometimes this can be done by moving in all your belongings, or putting up picture frames […]

Your Step-By-Step Guide To the Purchase Process

While every dream home is personal and every home purchase unique, there are certain steps that most buyers will go through when buying a home. The steps you take may not always be in this exact order, but you will experience most of them during your home-buying journey, so let’s get you prepared so you […]

Rent Relief Applications Just Opened

If you’re a renter in need of financial help to catch up on back rent and late fees, applications for New York State Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) have just opened up. Here’s what you need to know:        Link to the application      Qualifications you’ll need to meet in order to […]

This Memorial Day

Realty Collective wants to acknowledge and thank those who’ve served our country — and remember those we’ve lost.  Thank you to those who’ve sacrificed for our freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom to worship, freedom to assemble, freedom to petition, freedom of the press and more. On #MemorialDay, we remember those who gave their lives, so […]

Meet Chrissie Dowler—a multi-hyphenate force for good in fashion

Our women’s business owners series continues to highlight women doing remarkable work in Brooklyn. Today, we want to introduce you to Chrissie Dowler, a fashion industry vet who staked out her own unique space as a force for good — in the fashion world, and her community. Dowler’s home base is Ditmas Park, where she […]

Beware Virtual Staging (+ Why We Don’t Do It)

If you’re in the market for a new home — whether buying or renting — you’ve likely come across the relatively recent real estate marketing phenomenon known as virtual staging. It’s a digital design tool that many real estate brokers have turned to as a way of making the homes they show prospective buyers look […]