How to check up on a developer’s track record

When it comes to vetting the track record of a developer (and much like anything else these days), a Google search won’t be enough. After all, you’re making a significant investment and you need to know that you’ll be in good hands. Let’s talk about the process of uncovering a developer’s history so that you […]

The (near) complete guide to open house etiquette for buyers

Yes, walking around in someone’s home and judging whether it’s right for you is a surreal experience and knowing the etiquette can not only make it easier but, more importantly, a better experience for you —  not to mention making yourself stand out as a serious buyer. With those goals in mind, here are some […]

Condo buyers beware: the most common new construction defects to watch out for

Buying a New York City condo in a new construction building is a thrill — but every thrill has its dangers. If you’re in the market for a new condo, it’s important to be vigilant and not be swayed by the glamor and gloss (especially since it may be hiding defects lurking below the surface. […]

What’s a Lot Line Window and Why Should You Care?

A lot line window is a unique feature in buildings that are constructed alongside property lines. This type of window provides a glimpse into the neighboring property and allows natural light to flow into otherwise dark interior spaces.

Why buyers in new developments and pre-construction condos need to know timelines

Anyone who’s lived in New York long enough to get invited to a dinner party knows what a reliable go-to topic of conversation real estate is in this city. Who bought where, who overpaid, and who has an in with co-op board are as normal as talking about the weather in other places. So it’s […]

What you need to know about co-op and condo tax abatements

In New York City, Cooperative and Condominium Tax abatements are valuable incentives designed to alleviate property tax burdens for eligible homeowners. These abatements aim to make city living more affordable and encourage home ownership. In New York City, Cooperative and Condominium Tax abatements are valuable incentives designed to alleviate property tax burdens for eligible homeowners. […]

When Do You Need A Survey?

Ever wondered what a land survey is all about? Essentially, it’s an indispensable map of your property. A land survey does a bunch of important things: it pinpoints the corners of your land, outlines the natural and man-made boundaries, and even shows the exact locations of your home and any other structures. It’s a bit […]

How To Find Furniture For An Apartment On A Budget

Did you find the perfect apartment in Brooklyn but realize you didn’t save to furnish your new place? That is not a problem. There are many ways to furnish your apartment, especially in Brooklyn, NY.  Below are ways you can find furniture for an apartment on a budget.  (PS Tina Fallon guest wrote a blog […]

How to Read and Understand a Real Estate Deal Sheet

Finding the right apartment or home, especially in Brooklyn, a top location in the NYC real estate market, is an exciting next step in your real estate journey. Once you have made an offer, the seller’s attorney or listing agent will give you a deal sheet or transaction sheet.  A deal sheet is a document […]

8 Great Women-Owned Businesses In Red Hook Brooklyn

If you are visiting the big apple anytime soon or an NYC resident looking to discover new places, your first stop should be Red Hook in Brooklyn, New York. The Red Hook neighborhood is home to some of the top women owned businesses. From fashion to food, you can find and support female owned small […]

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