October Commercial Real Estate Roundup

  The COVID pandemic is still sending shock waves through the commercial real estate sector in New York as each new month seems to usher in adaptations and hastened responses to the city’s worsening vacancy rates. It can be hard to keep up with the latest news, so we’ve gathered together a few of what […]

Watch Our Latest Buying Into Brooklyn Presentation

Questions about New York real estate taxes? Wondering how much you’ll have to set aside for closing costs? Are you the only Millennial not currently fixing up an old property? These questions—and so many more—were covered in this most recent edition of the Buying Into Brooklyn. You can watch the video on our YouTube channel […]

Landlord Negotiation Tips For Renters

Despite the fact that we’re now more than half a year into a pandemic, rent just keeps coming due. One bright spot—Governor Cuomo officially extended the rent moratorium through January 1, 2021. Still, pressure is coming from all fronts right now but you might be surprised to learn you likely have a bit more flexibility […]

How To Interview a Real Estate Agent

Once you’ve made the decision to sell your home, the next step is to connect with a seller’s agent, the person who will be working on your behalf to find buyers for your home. While we believe there are no hard and fast rules to this process, there is one big caveat we always like […]

We’re Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month With a Look At Our Favorite Latinx-Owned Businesses in NYC

Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off September 15 and we’re celebrating! As a woman-owned small business, it’s important to us that we support others—particularly right now. COVID-19 has hit everyone hard, but small businesses that rely on community support, word of mouth, and foot traffic have suffered due to temporary closures, staffing shortages, and revenue shortfall.  […]

Which Comes First: Selling Your Home or Buying a New One?

Selling a home is stressful. Buying a home is stressful. Trying to do both at the same time is downright harrowing. But people do it every day, all across the country in every possible market—including Brooklyn. So that means you can too. And knowing what you’re in for will make the process much more manageable. […]

What’s Happening In Brooklyn Commercial Real Estate: Link Roundup

Things are moving fast in the world of commercial real estate in Brooklyn right now. We’re seeing New York City reshaping and remaking itself in real time. If you haven’t been able to keep up, no worries. Here are some links we’ve been reading in recent weeks that might help you get a handle on […]

Three Free Tools For Sellers

If you’re considering selling your home in Brooklyn, it’s good to go in with your eyes open. If you know what to expect, you can plan for it—particularly when it comes to financial decisions around the decision to sell. Of course, then you’ll be readying, pricing for sale, and thinking of all the everything that […]

Credit Scores + How To Maintain and Boost Them:

If your credit’s not where you need it to be, there are some steps you can take to improve your score. This is especially important if you’re considering buying—as credit score improvements can take up to several months to reflect across all reporting agencies.  The first step is the most obvious: Pay on time. This […]

UPDATE: Brooklyn Americana Music Festival Will Go On—Virtually

UPDATE: Earlier this year, we profiled Jan Bell, founder of the Brooklyn Americana Music Festival. Of course, this is before everything turned upside-down and live events became a no-go. So we were thrilled to hear the show will go on online. Read the full press release below and if you missed our profile of Jan, […]