10 Ways To Give Back: Realty Collective Celebrates the Work of Mixteca Organization

As part of our celebration of the holidays  — and as a thank you to the larger community that supports us all year long — Realty Collective is proud to feature the work of key non-profit organizations making the borough (and beyond) better every day. We’ve selected 10 non-profits to highlight and we encourage everyone to learn a bit about their respective missions and, if possible, to join us in making a small monetary donation to further their work. We thank them for everything they do and thank you for supporting a small, woman-owned Brooklyn business for nearly 20 years. 

Sunset Park’s Mixteca Organization has been a leading light in the movement to support New York City’s Hispanic communities since its inception more than 20 years ago. According to its website, Mixteca’s goal is to “empower the Mexican and Latin-American immigrants of the New York area by providing access to services that enhance immigrants’ quality of life that will allow them to reach sustainable social and economic development.” 

To do so, they “offer a variety of programs and services that respond to the specific needs of recently arrived immigrant families and aim to build a supportive environment for the growing Mexican and Latin-American immigrant community.” In fact, not only has Mixteca been making an impact for decades now, its programming is expansive, covering everything from emergency relief to undocumented people and key resources and information in translation to immigration support, adult education, mental health, and wellness programs. To accomplish these vast and varied goals, the organization relies on a network of supporters, volunteers, and employees — all of which require funding, which is why we felt so strongly about including the work of this organization in our 2023 holiday spotlight. 

We encourage you to read more about their work (and fascinating people-powered history) but we also believe they are an organization very much worthy of your support, as well. If their work moves you, there ar plenty of ways to be a part of it, whether by donating or volunteering — an act Mixteca’s describes as “love in motion” and we couldn’t agree more.

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