NYC School Overcrowding and How Parents Can Help

New York City has changed so much over the years.  Crime rates have plummeted and luxury developments have been popping up like wildfire as the population continues to grow.  The amount of families that are deciding to stay in the city rather than moving out to the suburbs of New Jersey, Westchester or Long Island […]

The Right Side of Eviction by Saira Toppin

The Mayor’s Office just released a report on the reduction of evictions and landlord harassment cases throughout New York City. This report has found that through the efforts of additional funding and education through his office, more tenants are getting the services that they need. Such tenants are now provided with free or low cost legal representation […]

News and History on The LICH Controversy.

Since the Long Island College Hospital announced it would be closing a couple of years back there has been controversy. Between the loss of jobs and the neighborhood losing an important health care facility many folks were upset and came together to protest against the closure.  Then came the sale and announcement that towering condos […]