The Right Side of Eviction by Saira Toppin

The Mayor’s Office just released a report on the reduction of evictions and landlord harassment cases throughout New York City. This report has found that through the efforts of additional funding and education through his office, more tenants are getting the services that they need. Such tenants are now provided with free or low cost legal representation in landlord tenant court. Over the past two years, the City has seen a 26% increase in representation, while there has been a 24% decrease in evictions.

Is this good for everyone? Who wins in these situations? Are tenants who are not paying their share getting an opportunity to keep living rent free? Is this an opportunity to keep families together who simply cannot afford to pay the rents established at many apartment buildings throughout the City? Or, are landlords losing out on valuable income to maintain their properties, pay their maintenance staff, and provide sound amenities? What about landlords who have been negligent finally getting their day in court and their injustices to their residents are coming to an end? What is the truth? Who is the real winner?

As I comb through this report, I think about my day to day operations. There are many instances when people take things personal and forget that property management and/or landlords are a business. It is my job to collect rent, keep arrears down, and provide my employer with a sound report every month. And on the other hand, I’ve let people stay in apartments longer than the good faith thirty days I should have given them. I know what it means to have compassion, to help needy families in tough times. But what about those who are chronic non payers, whom you give a shot and then they stab you in the back later?

We all have to do our part and be the best individuals we can. Let’s keep families together, landlords paid, and brokers happy!

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