20% Down Alternatives | Using Your 401K or IRA

We talked last week about how challenging it can be to scrape and save enough to make it to that 20% goal for a down payment (especially in Brooklyn) and while there are plenty of alternatives to a traditional mortgage product requiring that hefty down payment, let’s assume for today’s purposes that you’re trying to […]

20% Down Alternatives: Using Gift Money

For many New Yorkers—particularly Xers and Millennials—the path to home ownership often involves gift money for that 20% down payment. If that’s not you, we get it (trust us), and we’ll be covering alternatives in the next few articles because you’re far from alone. For those who do have access to gift money, it can […]

Tips on Saving for a Down Payment

Buying into Brooklyn is no easy feat. Prices are continually going up and competition can be fierce when you find a good deal. The hardest part for most is securing the funds for a down payment, which in New York is generally more than the average 10% you are expected to have in other parts […]