Hindu Lamp Ceremony In Brooklyn Saturday.

The Aarti ceremony, a Hindu tradition for peace and harmony, varies from person to person but always has something to do with flames or light.  We found this brief explanation on Wikipedia that seems to summarize the tradition well. “The purpose of performing aarti is the waving of lighted wicks before the deities in a […]

New Ice Cream Shop in Downtown Brooklyn.

The very inviting neon ice cream sign for Jones Humdinger Ice Cream at 119 Court Street caught our eye immediately as we passed. Through the large  windows spanning the whole corner storefront, as you can see in the photo above, we could clearly see the cute aqua-colored tables and counter and decided to stop in […]

New Organic Burger Cart on Court and Schermerhorn.

There was a small crowd formed at the corner of Court Street and Schermerhorn last week and we walked to the cross section to find out what the gathering was all about.  It was a line for a new food cart called JJ’s Holy Cow.  They serve up delicious-looking organic burgers and just opened the day […]

Spotlight on Boudoir Bar.

Every once in a while  we like to spotlight a local business that is relatively new.  Never has it felt more appropriate to spotlight an establishment as it does with Boudoir Bar on Atlantic.  Why you ask?  The place is literally hidden underground.  At 135 Atlantic Avenue you must down stairs under french restaurant Chez Moi […]

Face Values Opening and Job Fair in Brooklyn.

Atlantic Avenue has become a block of mega stores recently.  Michael’s, the chain arts and crafts store, opened a couple of years ago followed by Marshall’s and now Face Values, a sister company to Bed, Bath and Beyond. It’s a giant health, beauty and cosmetics store. The space is vast and looks just about finished.  We […]

Brooklyn Residents Want Pop-Up Pool to Stay Put by Darlene Miller

 Although the summer is coming to an end we still have some hot days ahead and that means dipping into some of Brooklyn’s community pools. Ther is one in particular you may want to visit because it may not be around for much longer. We may be saying sa final goodbye to the Pop Up […]

Clark Street Subway Taqueria by Jane Herro

  Taking the subway is about to get a little more delicious…if you’re into eating your breakfast underground. Jalapa Jar just opened up a breakfast taco stand in the Clark St 2/3 subway station in Brooklyn Heights. This 120 square foot space will dole out classic breakfast tacos (bacon, egg, cheese etc) at the cost […]

Free Ice Cream in Brooklyn Heights Tomorrow!

The Haagen-Dazs shop at 120 Montague in Brooklyn Heights, which is the first one ever opened, will be celebrating a grand re-opening this weekend with free cones and more.  See more info below. On Saturday, July 16, Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams will lead a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10:45am to help open the shop. Then, between 11am and […]

Watchtower Building Selling for $700M by Nena Ansari

  Anyone coming into Brooklyn has laid their eyes on this huge Landmark building since what seems like forever ago. The Watchtower building with its giant illuminated sign was the surest way to know what borough you were in. You have now entered Brooklyn! With the recent real estate shift throughout all of New York […]

Kitty Cafe comes to Brooklyn by Maryam Daghmoumi.

  Brooklyn is finally getting our very own permanent Cat Cafe! The leases have been signed and the grand opening is scheduled for May 6th, from 6 to 8pm. Unlike the two cat cafes in Manhattan, this is the first one to be run by a non-profit organization; the Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition, which […]