COVID-19 Keeping You Home? Here Are 8 Ways You Can Help Your Neighbors.

If COVID-19 is changing the way you spend your work or free time—and that’s likely all of us—it’s also a good time to think about helping one another and keeping dollars in your local community if you can. While we encourage you to follow official updates and advice (did you know you can text ‘COVID’ to 692-692 to have NYC.gov text you updates?), if you’re still out and about, here are some ways you can support neighbors and neighborhood businesses so we can all thrive.

1. Live in a co-op? Ask your board if building staff can take time off and find out whether it’s paid. If not, advocate for it.

2. Does your building have a listserv? If not, here’s how to start one in Google Groups. Is anyone in the building housebound, elderly, or immunocompromised? Offer to drop off supplies or groceries.

3. If you have extra disinfecting wipes, give common areas a quick once-over when you can.

4. If you have a doorman or security guard, slip them any hand sanitizer you may have. They often can’t leave their post to wash their hands.

5. Target sold out of hand soap? Your local bodega or discount store probably has some. And though people have floated fears of price gouging, our locals are keeping prices the same as ever. Thank them for that with your dollars.

6. You know that store you always meant to check out but never did? Now is a great time to find new favorites. And if you can, buy something. Even if it’s just a Coke.

7. If you pay for regular services like dog walking and it’s financially feasible for you to do so, don’t cut them even if you’re working from home. Your dog needs the routine, you need the break, and your dog walker needs the money. Win-win-win.

8. We know we really don’t have to give New Yorkers permission to do this but if you don’t feel like cooking, there’s always takeout (just try to tip in cash if you can)!


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