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Brooklyn Landlord? Let Us Make Life a Little Easier For You

There are plenty of reasons you want to remain a Brooklyn landlord. Your connection to Brooklyn, your pride of ownership, the building your parents once owned or that you bought yourself before you had family and moved to Jersey. It’s a tangible connection to the past—and the chance to pass something tangible on to your children

But not many people enjoy the mundane paperwork, everyday inconveniences, or that you also have to be a handyman, administrator, legal expert, salesperson, and marketer—and usually all at once. That’s where we come in. Let us make life easier for you by taking some of that burden off your shoulders and we’ll work together to manage your tenants’ experience and minimize your hassles all while make sure that it’s still cost-effective for you to own this property.

Take it from a recent client:

Brooklyn Landlord Testimonial

Thank you, Ryan!

Here are 8 ways we can make your life as a landlord a little easier.

  1. Experience | We’ve been at this a long time—15 years and counting—and we specialize in Brooklyn. We’ve also taken over the clients of several longtime brokerages whose trust and relationships took decades to build—and they’ve continued working with us because they see real value.
  2. Matchmaking | We’ll find out what qualities you’re looking for in a tenant and what kind of service you want to provide. Are you hands-on every day and willing to go the extra mile for high-dollar tenants? Or do you value stability and prefer long-term tenants? You let us know and that will help us roll out the red carpet for your perfect match.
  3. Marketing | Marketing is a specialized skill set that involves more than just posting a place on Craigslist. We craft the story and show the full picture—from the neighborhood to the crown molding. What kind of person will appreciate the details, design, or amenities your space has to offer? Is it a sleek bachelor pad, eclectic artist live/work space, perfect for an expanding family? We’ll market your apartment and point out the attributes that will be appreciated by a renter so no one’s time is wasted. We will work diligently to get you the right tenants as quickly as possible.
  4. Schedule Viewings | No more endless missed calls and voicemails and emails back and forth with potential tenants who may not even show. Let us make life easier for you, starting now. We’ve got it covered.
  5. Showing the Property | Anyone who has waited out the cable guy for a four-hour window knows what a pain it is to be stuck in one place and waiting around. Let us host the viewings, answer questions, and vet potential renters. You’ve earned some down time as you most likely already have a full-time job.
  6. Screening | Not only will we handle the financial screening of the tenants, we also run the background checks and collate all the pertinent information for you. No more wasted time waiting for results to come back, paying for subscription services, or trying to guess whether someone is a tenant you want. We’ll handle it.
  7. Lease Agreements | Yep, we’ve got this too. This is especially helpful if you’re a newer landlord. We have them ready at hand so all your legal bases are covered.
  8. Manage Expectations | This is something few landlords anticipate or plan for but get one tenant whose communication style clashes with yours and you are having to deal with a lot more the you signed up for. Fortunately, it’s one of our specialties. We’ll work with you to lay the groundwork and set expectations with your renters while understanding what theirs are of their landlords and try to make a good match.

Ready to make life as a landlord a little easier? Get in touch!


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