Spotlight on Grand Army Bar.

Grand Army Bar is a relatively new addition to Boerum Hill, located at 336 State Street. We tried it the other day and have only amazing things to report back. After sitting down we checked out their extensive award-winning cocktail list and settled on a “Super Cool Party People”, which consists of  pineapple rum, navy-strength […]

Honeygrow comes to Brooklyn.

With locations all over the Northeast, Honeygrow has decided to expand further by opening a location at 194 Joralemon in Downtown Brooklyn. The company originated in Philadelphia with a focus on fresh, wholesome, simple food. After looking at the menu, we can see that this place will probably be pretty successful in this spot, which […]

Smith Street’s Video Free Brooklyn Relocates.

Walking down Smith Street the other day we were seeing so many shuttered doors and papered windows. Shops come and go on this bustling street spanning from Cobble Hill to Carroll Gardens.  One particular darkened space felt a bit like a punch in the gut, though.  Our last neighborhood video store, Video Free Brooklyn, has moved.  So […]

Black Jacks: African American Sailors in the 19th Century

  Here’s a fascinating and informative lecture coming up the first weekend of February that we wanted to share with you all. There are two opportunities to attend this free talk, Friday February 3rd at Borough Hall and Saturday February 4th at The Noble Maritime Collection.  More about this below. The critical historic role played […]

New Moroccan Home Store on Atlantic by Jane Herro.

  The stretch of Atlantic Avenue between Atlantic Terminal and the Brooklyn waterfront is home to countless great shops, restaurants and cafes. Atlas Showroom just joined the crew this month, opening it’s doors on May 12th at 141 Atlantic Ave. The new shop features traditional furnishings, such as the chair (above), divider, and mirror (below), from owner […]

Watchtower Building Selling for $700M by Nena Ansari

  Anyone coming into Brooklyn has laid their eyes on this huge Landmark building since what seems like forever ago. The Watchtower building with its giant illuminated sign was the surest way to know what borough you were in. You have now entered Brooklyn! With the recent real estate shift throughout all of New York […]

IHOP Now Open in Downtown Brooklyn.

This news may be exciting for some and have the opposite effect on others depending on ones take on this chain pancake restaurant.  Regardless, the International House of Pancakes is now open on Livingston Street near Bond. There are so many stores and restaurants opening in the area (and tons of chains especially) that it’s […]

Visitors Will Soon Have More Lodging Options In Brooklyn by Yanique Berry.

  With the popularity and intrigue of Brooklyn at an all time high, we are now seeing more variety of quality hotels offered to tourists. Many people I know that travel to New York, typically stay in Manhattan and visit Brooklyn rather than vice versa, in time it is very likely that we will see […]

New Food Hall Coming to Brooklyn by Tommi Edwards

There is a food hall coming to Downtown Brooklyn and it is scheduled to open its doors Fall of 2016! Ask any New Yorker what they love about their city and one of the answers you’ll most likely get is the limitless exposure to a vast variety of foods.  It is no wonder why food […]