A Visit to the NY Transit Museum.

We wouldn’t quite call the New York Transit Museum a hidden gem, even though it is located underground and there are usually very few crowds when we’ve visited in the past, but it certainly is a neighborhood treasure.  One of the most unique museums you’ll find in New York, the space presents the history of our subway, bus, ferries, and more.  They use an array of materials to teach this history such as photos, models and actual trains and buses from years gone by that you can walk around in and explore.

If you’re going with kids they will love all the buttons they can press, steering wheels to steer and the most impressive section of train cars from decades and decades ago.  Kids may not have the patience to read about the history of our system but if you go without children in tow, there is a plethora of information and photos.  It’s all very interesting.  We took some photos so check out our gallery below!

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