Pier 5 Boathouse Opening this Fall.

Brooklyn Bridge Park is always evolving.  Some of you may be going to enjoy this wide expansive space on this gorgeous day! When it first opened we remember going every once in a while and usually seeing something new as the piers opened one by one.  Most recently it was the Pier 5 uplands, which debuted in July.

It is nearly complete, 90% according to their website, and we have been eagerly awaiting the development of  Pier 3.  This will be a large central lawn along with “a whimsical labyrinth garden along its northern side. Hedges of varying sizes will create an exploratory maze containing hexagonal picnic tables, mirrored games, and historic elements salvaged from the park”.

The next new construction, which is set to open in the fall, is the Pier 5 Boathouse. It’s not as exciting as a “whimsical labyrinth garden” but it will bring small craft storage and more bathrooms to this part of the park. There is definitely a need for restrooms!

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