Velvette Brew Coming to Smith Street.

Formerly two spaces in one, a juice bar and Shelsky’s of Brooklyn, which moved up to Court Street near Atlantic, 251 Smith Street has had brown paper in the windows for a short while. We are now seeing signage! A small piece of paper has been put up in the window that announces a place called Velvette Brew is opening soon. We googled the name trying to find out more details for what this could be.  Bar? Restaurant? Craft Brew Shop?  We couldn’t find a website or any info but it obviously has something to do with beer, right? No sign of exterior work has been done and the interior still has a little ways to go so if we had to guess we’d say this space won’t be ready until Spring but we’ve been surprised before by how quickly storefronts come together.  We’ll keep you posted!


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