Residency Unlimited Artist Interview Series: Shay Arick

As you may have heard Realty Collective has teamed up with Residency Unlimited and one of the most recent shows in our gallery space at 351 Van Brunt, Compére Collective, was called CONTINGENCIES. Over the next month we’d like to showcase the artists involved in that exhibit here on our blog. The first interview we’re sharing is with Shay Arick, an Israeli visual artist currently living in Brooklyn.  Read more below and view Shay’s installations here!


What has it been like to interact with the RU and local artist community?

I believe in the strength of communities. Being part of Residency Unlimited allowed me to belong to a community of artists from all over the worlds. It feels like the connections I formed (and still forming) during the residency will continue long after I will complete my residency at the end of the month.

Does your work comment on current social or political issues? And if so how?

I think one of the artist roles is to ask questions about current social and political issues. In the show Contingencies, I explore the image of the cowboy imprinted at the heart of American culture. I am interested in the way popular culture influences identity, violent tendencies, and social interactions.

What is your favorite experience or exhibits that you encountered during your residency?

There are lots of small experiences that create a significant and enriching experience. The conversations with my fellow artists, the studio visits, the love and care I received from the RU staff, and the small Italian bakery across the street.

What brings you joy as an artist?

Good art. As an artist, experiencing good art excites and energizes me.

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