Introducing RC’s Linh Le!

Linh Le has been working with us at the Smith Street location for a while now and we’d like to introduce her to everyone! Linh is a  a transplant from Syracuse and has been living in Brooklyn for the past five years. Like many, she loves Brooklyn for its diversity, culture and the fact that it is close to the busy city but comes with the option of resting in a quiet borough. She studied media communications with interdisciplinary studies in sociology/anthropology. She has a masters degree and manages a civic engagement program for CUNY as well as working at our office on weekends. Also highly involved in the community, she volunteers a lot thorughout Brooklyn and has spent years in public service.  Linh has even received two presidential service awards in the past!  In her own words she “took a job at Realty Collective for an opportunity to explore design and hone my skills as a part-time graphic designer. I’m very lucky to have supervisors who let me have creative freedom”.  We feel very lucky to have you too!!

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