Best Brooklyn Splash Pads for Cooling Off this Summer

We are definitely feeling the heat this week. We’ve had a 10 to 15 degree temperature increase and it officially feels like the middle of summer here in Brooklyn. This just so happens to coincide with kids getting out of school yesterday. So, what to do with the little ones on hot hot days. Well, there is always your neighborhood air conditioned Brooklyn Public Library! If enjoying the sun is more your speed there are plenty of places to stay cool while getting some sun. The two big water parks that come to mind are at Pier 6 at Brooklyn Bridge Park and Lakeside Le Frak in Prospect Park. Both are large and a very fun option for kids of all ages. Beware, though, both also tend to get a little crowded.

Most NYC parks have sprinklers turned on or some other water feature as well. Our favorite quiet spot is the Imagination Playground in Prospect Park. No slides or swings in this park. Just a giant dragon spitting out water and a few other structures for kids to climb on. The perks are that it’s not usually crowded, the water feature is unique and it’s very shady for the parents who aren’t splashing around with their little ones but still want to stay cool.

For a list of the best parks with water features in New York click here!

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