8 Smart Tips To Home Buying by Ronica and Chris Webb.

Some people are mystified about the home buying process, which is one of the reasons they never move from renter to buying. Team Webb put together 8 simple tips to demystify the process. Want one-on-one assistance we can help. Just give us a call. Ronica Webb (347) 898-4869 or Chris Webb (347) 232-6210
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1. Finances: The first step in purchasing a home is to get your finances in order. Go to your local bank, mortgage broker or lender to get pre-approved. The pre-approval will determine how much of a home you can afford.

2. Get a reputable expert. Realtors will be able to save you time and have resources to help you find the perfect home that you can afford. Realtors are working with your best interest and want to help you find a home in a short amount of time

3. Find a legal expert. Locate a lawyer that has experience in real estate transaction. A lawyer will guide you through the legal process involved in buying a home.

4. Make an offer. So you found the perfect home and it is time to make an offer. Your realtor will submit an offer form with your bid and send to the seller. Be prepared to be flexible and negotiate.

5. Hire an engineer. An engineer will perform a thorough inspection of the home.

6. Contract. If your offer is accepted your Realtor will send out the contract to your lawyer. You are then required to post a down payment and sign the contract

7. Mortgage Lender. The mortgage lender or bank will send an appraiser to appraise the home to estimate the worth and value of the home. Once all the contract and documents are approved you will be ready to close on your new home.

8. Closing. At the closing, the seller and you will sign documents transferring ownership. Your lawyer, realtor and mortgage lender will be on hand to review the documents prior to transfer of the home

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