Women-Owned Business Series: Nicole from Springrose

Welcome back to our Women-Owned Business Series! Next highlight this month is Nicole from Springrose, an intimate apparel company for women with limited mobility. The fashion industry has always been challenged on its non-inclusivity nature, with little improvements over the last decade. Springrose was founded to move the needle a little further in providing access to comfortable, fashionable, and inclusive intimate wear for women. Read on for her story below!

First, tell us about your business and anything special we should know about it or you.

Springrose designs easy-on intimate apparel for women with limited mobility (e.g., injury, illness, disability, aging). We aim to improve quality of life for women by helping them get dressed painlessly, independently, and with dignity. Our patented flagship bra was co-developed with 500+ women and has a unique closure system that allows people to put it on multiple ways, including one-handed, with limited shoulder mobility, or with limited dexterity. I started the brand in honor of my grandmother Rose, who experienced chronic pain and found it challenging to get dressed in the morning. Further, we’re focused on only employing fair labor in manufacturing, so that you can feel good inside and out when you wear our products.

Why do you feel a connection to your work?

I’ve always wanted to work in a field that creates positive social impact, and through Springrose I’m able to do that on multiple fronts. From people’s emails, comments, and reviews, I know that our products are helping people every day. I also know that we are supporting the women sewing our garment with fair wages, safe working conditions, and dignified employment, which fulfills an important value of mine: creating economic opportunity.

As a business owner, community is everything. In what ways do you serve your community and how has your community served you?

We serve our community by co-designing with them. My ultimate goal is to develop products that facilitates them thriving and accomplishing what they want in life. As such, I’m at their service to create the products they want and need. I don’t care what our products are like as long as they’re functional, stylish, and comfortable.

What advice would you give to young women who want to start a small business?

Do your research before starting and validate that you have a good idea, but once you’ve done that, go for it! It’s a fun and rewarding experience, especially the confidence boost you’ll receive. Also, make sure to find mentors in your space or similar spaces. Community is what will get you through the toughest moments.

What women inspire you and why?

There’s too many to list! I come from a family of strong women, so they are and endless source of inspiration on how to approach life. There are also other business women at a similar stage to me that I respect a lot and who inspire me to work harder. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the women we serve, who despite dealing with different levels of discomfort and pain, they often don’t let it define the life they can build for themselves.

What do you think are the most significant challenges for women business owners or women in leadership positions?

The bias in funding and inequality in access makes it challenging for women to succeed. It doesn’t matter how great your idea is if you don’t have the money to make it a reality. Some women might have wealth and some might not. Businesses usually have start-up costs and when financial institutions and industries limit the access to capital for women, it limits women’s ability to start and grow their businesses.

Springrose is currently developing many more products that they’ll launch this year! Sign up for their emails to stay updated on when those are available. Also, try their size quiz!

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