Tips with Tina: The #1 Reason People Are Having Trouble Selling Their Place

In today’s market, selling a home sounds easy. And it is — if it’s priced right. The number you choose to list for initially can affect your entire real estate transaction, including the number on that hopefully large check you receive at closing. Below, our caring and well-experienced agent Tina Fallon explains the downsides that come with listing too high. Take thirty seconds to hear what she has to say, and then read on to learn more about finding that perfect price.

What Happens When Houses Are Priced Too High?

As Tina shares above, houses that are priced too high tend to sit on the market for too long.

  • The longer houses sit on the market, the fewer views they receive
  • The fewer views they receive, the longer it takes to find a buyer

Houses that don’t sell right away also tend to get a negative connotation among prospective buyers. They may think the house has hidden problems that caused others to pass on their chance to bid. They could also be searching for houses at a specific price point, with yours sticking out like a sore thumb among other listings, places in more sought-after neighborhoods, etc.

You can always lower the list price, but the change in numbers won’t automatically erase the damage that’s been done.

What About When the Listing Price Is Too Low?

This one is a bit more obvious — if you list lower than your home value, you’ll miss out on the funds that you deserve. Buyers won’t appreciate a price hike after you notice the increased interest in property  either.

Pricing too low may also lead to a bidding war, which is not always what it’s cracked up to be. At that point, you have to announce “best and final” offers to get – not only the price you want – but the deal you want.

How to List for the Perfect Price Right Away

Home prices take a number of factors into consideration — building condition, amenities, size, location, market trends, and more. The only way to get a truly perfect number the first time around is to list with an agent who is experienced in real estate and your local market.

If you’re thinking about selling in Brooklyn in the near future, this is our mission and expertise. Realty Collective is a hyper localized office with a team of caring, well-versed agents. Feel free to reach out to our team today — we’d be happy to talk numbers and help you sell your home seamlessly. Check out this seller’s resource when you have a chance, too — it’s filled with information that can help you start the process.

Tina Fallon joined Realty Collective in 2006 after a career in film and theater production. She uses her skills as a producer every day, juggling her clients’ busy schedules and needs.

Tina’s hands-on approach begins with an extensive interview with prospective clients. This means evaluating not just market values but also the needs and expectations of the people involved. A Brooklyn resident since 1989, Tina has cheered the borough’s emergence as the cultural heart of New York City. She brings that knowledge and enthusiasm to every deal.

Tina’s passionate about helping buyers and sellers however she can. That’s where Tips with Tina comes in — take in her expert advice from the comfort of your home. And don’t forget to reach out with any questions that come up!

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