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Even though we all know that the home-buying process is a big undertaking, many people underestimate just how intricate it is – starting from the search. Between finding a physical home that fits your needs, a building that suits your lifestyle, and a neighborhood you feel comfortable in, it’s hard to imagine ever finding your dream home. 

Throwing kids into the mix is a whole other ballgame. Then you have to consider school zones, walkability to the park, or other kid-friendly attributes that make your whole family happy.

That was the challenge with Y & J (who requested we use their first initial). They had a pretty long laundry list of must haves to not just suit them, but their three kids, too. We’re happy to say that they found all they wanted – and more. 

Home Shopping Checklist

This couple was looking for a home that they could raise their three children in. They had a number of wishes, including a diverse community economically, racially, and culturally, and enough space for their kids to grow up with an independent space. 

But the biggest “anchor point,” Y said, was the school. Their kids grew up walking 20 minutes everyday to school, but it was important to Y that they had as short a commute to school as possible, including distance to nearby subway stations.

They also had to consider J’s job, which is based in Manhattan. They wanted to be close enough where the commute wouldn’t seem like a hassle, but still nestled in a Brooklyn community. 

“If you’re choosing to not live in the suburbs, but your commute [to the city] is similar to living in the suburbs, then you’re not getting the benefit of living in a city,” Y said. 

All of this not-withstanding the physical attributes & other elements that could make this place feel like home, like a private terrace, a walk-in closet, and an open layout kitchen with stainless steel appliances.

Spotting the Perfect Place

Even with all the requirements on their list, Y & J came across the perfect home for them. In fact, Y was surprised to find how quickly the process moved after submitting their offer. She had been putting in plenty of research to learn the trends of the market, as well as the neighborhoods and home types that would suit her family well. 

She had witnessed a condo in the same building hit the market and leave quickly, so when a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom unit came up again, she knew she’d need to move fast to claim her space.

Today, this condo still feels like a dream for the entire family. With 1900 sq ft, their place can seem like a large suburban home, versus a typical Brooklyn apartment. They even have enough space to have a dedicated playroom for the kids, and a separate dining room & “hang-out” area for guests.

“Now we don’t have to listen to children’s movies while trying to host guests,” she said.

A Welcoming Community

But the biggest surprise for Y was the community in the condo complex. She immediately felt supported by her neighbors, who went out of their way to welcome her and her family to the neighborhood. 

The best surprise is how nice the other families are,” Y shared as she explained how heartwarming it was to find a package of cookies and a handwritten card outside of her door on the night of their move.

“Our kids are already best friends with the other kids, with knocks on the door asking if they can come out and play.”

A Family-Friendly Location

Their new home is now perfectly positioned to check all their location-oriented boxes – proximity to the kids’ school, a quick commute for her husband to Manhattan, and even an added bonus of a courtyard right outside their window. 

“They’ll love to run around and play,” Y said. “It’s so  close I can see them just by looking out the window.”

But the most unexpected perk? A bubble tea store they don’t even need to cross the street to get too.

“Our kids love bubble tea,” Y said. “We have to be careful with how much we consume with being so close to the shop on our block!”

A private terrace AND a courtyard!

Their Biggest Takeaway

Y said she wasn’t sure, at first, exactly what she should expect from having a buyer’s broker. But quickly after submitting the offer, and having it accepted, she was grateful to have Victoria Alexander on her team.

“I had no idea how complex the timeframe from having an offer accepted to closing would be,” she said. “The wealth of the resources that were sent to me had me thinking ‘I didn’t even pay for these.’ Someone spent their time making them so I could educate myself.”

Happily Ever After

Even though Y and her family were able to have their dreams come true, she stressed that  the process of finding a home you love – and securing that home – are two totally different journeys.

“It’s a very emotional journey,” Y said. “And being able to be clear and open about your emotions… you have to be prepared that a place you imagine yourself in for the next 10-15 years may not happen. It can be difficult for the heart.”

At the end of the day, we are so happy that we were able to help Y and her family secure a home that made their dreams a reality – and we’d love to do the same for you! Whether you’re deciding for 1, or deciding for 5, we’ll be here for you. Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

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