Tips for the Beach This Summer!

This weekend is going to be steamy and many of you will be heading to Fort Tilden, Jacob Riis, Rockaway Beach, Coney Island or a number of other beach options in our area. We want to share some articles with you to add some fun and preparation to your day of fun in the sun.

When you think of what you should bring, food is genrally the first thing that comes to mind. While there are plenty of snacks, treats and lunch items you can buy at beaches like Coney Island or Jacob Riis, bringing your own picnic is fun and allows you to be creative with what you prepare. Read this article on the best beach foods. For other items to pack in your bag, such as sunscreen, tents, toys for the kiddos, chairs and more you can peruse through this 28 Beach Essentials list. Now that we have your food and setting down we need to think about activities! Many of you may just want to eat and lay around. If so then you are already set. For those who like to spend hours and incorporate activities, such as playing Frisbee or body boarding, you can read this guide to beach activities.

Whether you’re playing volleyball, munching on an array of goodies you are attempting to keep sand-free or simply there to lay in the sun, you’ve got a gorgeous weekend in store for the perfect beach day.

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