Top New York City Interior Design Trends In 2023 For Apartments and Townhomes

New York City is known for its unique and ever-changing interior design trends. As we move through 2023, NYC apartment and townhome owners can stay ahead of the game and keep their homes chic by incorporating some of the top interior design trends. This guide will provide an overview of New York City apartment designs and townhouse interiors that you should consider when renovating.

Multifunctional Spaces: Having a Home Office

The future of interior design has a focus on multifunctional spaces. Many townhouse and apartment owners are transforming corners or rooms into designated home offices due to the increase of at-home or hybrid working, which is no stranger to the people of the island of Manhattan and surrounding boroughs. 

Finding an office space within the home can seem nearly impossible for apartment hunters and home buyers. Many realtors, such as Kimberly Jay, a broker at Compass, said, “First-time home buyers are forgoing studios and straight one-bedrooms unless they can reconfigure the floor plan to accommodate an extra room. Families are also prioritizing an office/play area, which can be closed off or opened into the main living area—converting dining alcoves, an extra bedroom, large walk-in closets, or a maid’s room off the kitchen in a prewar home.” (Brick Underground)

Some solutions include having an office/play area, like mentioned above, or an office/gym for our at-home workout sessions. If you have an even smaller space, the solution is combining all three and adding an entertainment area for guests. The concept of custom cabinetry is recommended, so everything exists behind the doors or panels. This will create a less cluttered look while functioning as a 4-in-1 multipurpose room.

Mixing it up with wood tones

The natural look prevails with its appeal factor. Providing a little bit of nature within the home. Organic furnishings, live plants, and warmer colors are what people are looking for. The latest phase is embracing memories through personalized design aesthetics that display mementos and Heirlooms, says Gena Kirk, vice president of Design Studio at Los Angeles-based homebuilder KB Home.

Audrey Scheck of Audrrey Scheck design, in an interview with Forbes, “We love mixing wood tones in our design plans, and we are noticing more and more clients leaning into deeper wood variations than ever before. Mixing wood tones may seem intimidating, but it’s actually one of the easiest ways to create a space that feels intentional and collected. Only using one wood tone throughout your home can make the space feel more sterile and less inviting.”

This can be a  simple NYC apartment renovation. Many new NYC townhouse interiors are being renovated, or new developments are being completed to include lighter-colored wood tones. For example, white oak flooring is favored for its aesthetic appeal and sustainability. White oak is harvested in the US, so it reduces emissions from global transport, is quickly replenished, and is relatively affordable. 

This transitions us to our next New York Interior design trend in 2023, being environmentally friendly.

Environmentally Friendly

Sustainable design has been prioritized in the interior design world for a few years now, and 2023 is no exception. With energy efficiency coming to the forefront of interior design, energy-efficient features such as tech tiles and smart thermostats have become popular. 

Zero Emission communities are growing as well, as the new generations are looking for fewer amenities and more EV charging stations included because of the growing demand for electric vehicles and increasing inflation.

It is recommended to look for furniture pieces made from sustainable materials or with green certification, such as Forest Steward Council-certified wood and fabrics made with environmentally friendly dyes.

Minimalism is out, and so is Maximalism

So if both Minimalism and Maximalism are out, what’s in? The answer is a combination of the two! During the pandemic, with everyone staying at home, people started realizing that less is more. Trends such as organization and decluttering have increased. Most people want to simplify life and bring ease by incorporating daily rituals like sitting on the couch and not worrying about how cluttered everything looks. 

Minimalism is declining because more through increased popular design that includes more depth and dimension into spaces within apartments and townhomes. Adding texture is in, whether with hard finishes like stone and tile or adding more color into a room. Wallpaper has been making a considerable comeback, bringing dimensional and texture but does not fill the space as large artwork would.

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