Unconventional Backsplash Ideas by Sandra Manley

As someone who sees a lot of houses and apartments, I’m always interested in how people furnish their homes, and especially how they decorate their kitchens — my favorite room in almost any house. When a friend emailed me photos of her new apartment, the first thing I noticed was the quirky backsplash in an otherwise standard kitchen. She had tiled the wall from counter to cabinets with shards of broken dishes that had not fared well during the move. They now formed a colorful mosaic.
A cohort recently posted a listing in which the occupant had created a kitchen backsplash out of old license plates. Since he was renting the apartment and wanted to minimize wall damage, the tenant used double-sided sticky foam tape to adhere the collection to the wall. 
I googled “unconventional backsplash ideas” and found dozens of ways to spice up a kitchen. Some of the more wall-friendly ideas were tin ceiling tiles, painted pegboard with hooks, and halved wine corks stuck to strips of double-stick tape.
The creativity seems unlimited and it’s a great way to up-cycle interesting materials or display collections!
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