Cafe Booqoo coming to Smith Street.

Right across the street from the Smith and 9th Street subway stop is a corner storefront that used to house Kimchi Grill.  This little kimchi-centric restaurant was really yummy but unfortunately they closed shop a short while ago.

Whenever we pass by a vacant space we wonder what will be the next business that opens up and hope that it’s something original that the neighborhood is lacking. We wondered no more about 478 Smith Street when we saw a sign up last week.  So what does Carroll Gardens need? Beignets of course!  Cafe Booqoo was formerly called Booqoo Beignets.  For those of you who have never had one they are basically fried dough with powdered sugar and such a delicious treat to have with coffee, especially New Orleans-style chicory-flavored coffee.  According to their website, they will also be serving up creole food. That is definitely something that this neighborhood can use!

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