Calculating Renovation Costs.

When purchasing a new home or apartment in New York, possible renovation costs will need to be figured into your budget if you are open to looking at fixer uppers.  Sellers should also think about making upgrades, if they can, before putting their home on the market.  Or maybe you are a homeowner who isn’t looking to move but would like to modernize your space.

The two most common and necessary improvements are to the kitchen and bathroom and the one concern we all have in common is how much this work will cost.  Luckily there is a great tool for calculating these costs. Sweeten.com is a website that matches you with a contractor in the New York area. They have written two outstanding and informative blogs that anyone thinking of renovations should read. One about redoing the kitchen and another for the bathroom. Both will help you estimate how much you will need to put aside for each room.

For more information on both the logistics of renovations as well as some creative ideas check out their blog!

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