Spotlight on “A Space in Between” Artist Anthony Ragucci.

Residency Unlimited’s latest group art show opened July 7th at the Realty Collective gallery, 351 Van Brunt, and we have two more artists to spotlight. You can come see the show at our space until July 14th. Read the interview for artist Anthony Ragucci below.

How has being a resident in NYC affected or contributed to your art?

Being a resident in NYC has allowed me to visit countless museums and galleries and view in person so much art. I am not sure about the direct influence this has had on my work, but indirectly it has had quite an impact on me.

What has it been like to interact with the artist community in NY?

Very enlightening

What do you plan to do next?

In July I will be participating in another artist residency in upstate New York called the Millay Colony. After that I will return to Massachusetts.

What is your favorite experience or exhibits that you encountered during your time in NYC?

Seeing the Basquiat show at the Brandt Foundation was probably the highlight for me.

How has your work developed since your last exhibit?

I have incorporated video into my painting practice, which was a goal I set for myself during this residency.

Is your work or ideas an independent endeavor or is it rooted in community?

I see my work as an independent endeavor.

What brings you joy as an artist?

Exploring new medium or materials.

Describe what it’s like to make a living (or try to) as an artist in NYC

It seems extremely difficult.

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