Spotlight on “A Space in Between” Artist Alex Nowak.

Information about the work, Title: Untitled, Year: 2018, Dimensions: 23x16x2″, Media: Styrofoam, plaster, textile, acrylic paint, wall paint, lacker, and paper mache

Residency Unlimited’s latest group art show is opening July 7th at the Realty Collective gallery, 351 Van Brunt, and we will be spotlighting the artists. Read the interview for artist Alex Nowak below.


What do you plan to do next?

Make new work.

What is your favorite experience or exhibits that you encountered during your time in NYC?

Huma Bhabha sculptures.

How has your work developed since your last exhibit?

You get to know materials and your own topics better after every show.

Is your work or ideas an independent endeavor or is it rooted in community?

My mind set is community based. My practice is solo in the studio.

What brings you joy as an artist?

Having an exhibition or dialogue.

What under-appreciated NYC artist, medium, work, or location do you think people should know about?

George Gallery in Bushwick

Describe what it’s like to make a living (or try to) as an artist in NYC.

It seems not to be easy in nyc because of high costs of living.

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