Spotlight on “A Space in Between” Artist Colleen Merrill.

Information about the work, Title: Pecking Order Year: 2019, Approximate dimensions: round piece – 19″x 18″x 21″, rope gathering section – 13″x 13″x 9″, long piece – 49″x 6″x 6″, Media: Found textiles, cotton, clothesline, and silk thread

Residency Unlimited’s latest group art show is opening July 8th at the Realty Collective gallery, 351 Van Brunt, and we will be spotlighting the artists. First up is Colleen Merrill. Read her interview below.

What do you plan to do next?

I plan to continue fostering the professional relationships that I developed during my time as a resident in an ongoing effort to bring other southern artist’s work to the forefront of contemporary art.

Does your work comment on current social or political issues? and if so how?

My work conjures the simultaneously personal and social through the examination of the body, maternity, and intimacy. The sculptural forms to be included in the exhibition at Compare Collective indirectly address how these notions relate to the current assault on women’s reproductive health rights currently happening in my home state of Kentucky.

What is your favorite experience or exhibits that you encountered during your time in NYC?

I have really enjoyed visiting various institutions such as the Museum of Art & Design, The American Folk Art Museum and Cooper Hewitt. The exhibitions at these spaces have offered an incredible amount of insight into my current research that is rooted in material and craft-based practice.

How has your work developed since your last exhibit?

Most recently my work has transitioned from being mostly object-based to installation. My ultimate goal is that my sculptural forms become more interconnected within their environment both formally and conceptually.

What brings you joy as an artist?

Time for inquiry, processing that inquiry through practice, and the engagement that prevails.

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