Renter Services

Renting an apartment in Brooklyn can feel overwhelming. Not only do you have thousands of listings to choose from, dozens of neighborhoods, and the on-time stats of new subway lines to check, it can also feel like you’re a cog in a big system you don’t understand. That’s where we come in. 

Insider Knowledge

When we say we’re the Brooklyn experts, we’re not exaggerating. Our deep roots mean that not only do we know the current listings, but all the other hard-to-put-into-words stuff that goes into making your decision too. We listen to your needs and search with them in mind. What’s the neighborhood vibe like? Is that bar loud on the weekends? Are the stairwells not creepy? We’re also experts at something few other realtors take into consideration: making a good match between you and your new home. Do you prefer the anonymity of a big building or a landlord you can reach by walking across the hall and knocking on his door? Do you want a package room more than a doorman? You name it, and we’ll find out where you can find it.

Relocation Help

New job mean you’re Brooklyn-bound? Helping people who are relocating to the city has become a big part of our business—and we’re experts at it. So whether you know the exact building you want to live in or you haven’t been here since your 8th-grade field trip to the Museum of Natural History, we can help. We’ll coordinate with you to find the perfect place in your budget and in your time frame.

Relationships with Landlords

In a huge city, sometimes it’s all about who you know. Anyone can post an ad on Craigslist, but we do our best to find the right match for you. That means renting from people we know and whom you can trust. While we’re screening tenants for landlords, that accountability goes both ways. We walk you through the process so your expectations are clear and all your questions are answered.

Going It Alone?

While we’re here for whatever your needs are, the truth is that not everyone needs a broker. If you’re a New Yorker who has been through the routine before, know your preferred neighborhoods well, and are savvy with negotiation, you might be able to DIY it. If you’re wondering whether that describes you, check out our presentation on Tips and Tricks To Moving in New York City.

Renting an apartment in Brooklyn can feel overwhelming—but it doesn’t have to. Get in touch!