Considering buying in Brooklyn?

Consider partnering with Realty Collective.

When you’re making a decision as important as where to make a home, we want you to feel like you have an advocate in your corner. Here, you’ll work with ethical professionals ready to put their savvy and decades of experience to work for you—centering your needs while providing education, guidance, and support throughout each step of the process. Transparency is our cornerstone, ensuring you never feel in the dark about any aspect of your real estate journey.

Every day, you make ethics-driven decisions and vote with your dollar in so many ways, but most people don’t realize they have a values-driven choice in New York City real estate. When you work with us, you know that you’re supporting a woman-owned business and supporting a local small business that provides resources and advocacy for its community. We go beyond peace-of-mind to give you tools and services most other agents can’t, including:

Deep Knowledge of Brooklyn Paired with Strong Ethics

With nearly 20 years of experience matching people with their ideal homes, we’ve honed a holistic, insiders’ understanding of local market conditions and keeping up with neighborhood dynamics so that we can help clients make informed decisions before buying—with a personal mandate to secure the deal on your terms when it comes to bidding, timeline, or financing. We won’t let you leave money on the table.

Tools That Make the Process Easier

Our team takes buyer education seriously, and you might be surprised to find out how many tools you’ll have at your disposal when you work with us. We’ve got a deep library of information about nearly every aspect of the buying process—from blogs and free ebooks to free on-demand webinars and video series.

We also offer a unique project management system (and what is buying a home if not a project) that streamlines the buying process. No more endless email chains and sifting through text messages. Buying a home is…a lot and a personalized to-do list makes it all so much easier to handle.

Personalized Advice

If your purchase isn’t exactly as cookie-cutter as others, you’re in the right place. Maybe you’ve got a tight budget. Maybe you’re an artist who dreads opening up their financials for scrutiny. Divorced parents who still want to live close-by for the kids’ sake? Going in on a duplex with friends? We’ve helped clients in all of these situations. We also help if you eventually want to rent out or sublet your place by finding renters that meet your criteria.

Time-Saving Help

We’ll scour the current listings, preview them for you if need be and then offer you a curated but succinct list of options to consider. We’ll perform a comprehensive market analysis (you may have heard of this as “pulling comps”) to estimate fair market value for any properties you’re interested in to inform our offer strategy.

It’s Good To Know People Who Know People

Not only do we advocate for our clients, but we also advise them on how to assemble the best support team possible for this process, including mortgage professionals and attorneys. We can offer you vetted options when it comes to finding professionals that match your communication style, personality, and needs.

We’re Here for Your Goals—Not Ours

You will always be heard here. We go in-depth to learn what you’re looking for and help you throughout the process. A bit of matchmaking, a touch of real estate therapy, and plenty of education along the way ensure you’re making an informed decision. We provide insights on the current market, offer guidance on where to come in with a bid, and when to walk away from a deal. Whether your goal is to buy this year— or in five years—we want to help you get there.

We’ll Handle the Paperwork 

We take care of that daunting application for your condo or co-op board. We’ll prepare and review your application prior to submission so it’s in tip-top shape. We’ve assembled dozens of packages before so we know the common pitfalls to avoid – we’ll even help you prep for the interview!

We know that the homebuying journey is one of the largest financial (and emotional!) decisions you’ll likely have to make in your life – and at Realty Collective, we find it to be an honor to be on that journey with you. Get in touch today!