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Brooklyn Buyer Real Estate Services —See what sets Realty Collective apart! We we center you and your needs in each step of the process.

There are a number of reasons to choose us as your buyer’s agent. You make ethics-driven decisions and vote with your dollar in so many ways now—from where you buy your clothes to the quality of food you put in your body. But most people don’t realize they have a value-driven choice with real estate. 

When you work with us, you know that your money is going back into the community, supporting a woman-owned business and helping us keep  our doors open as a walk-in resource to our local community

But a clear conscience isn’t all we offer—we also give you tools and services most other agents can’t, including:

Deep Knowledge of Brooklyn

With more than 15 years of experience matching people with their ideal homes in Brooklyn, we not only know this borough inside and out, we love it more each day. And we want you to find your piece of it.

Tools That Make the Process Easier

Get access to our deep library of resources, plus a unique project management system that streamlines the process for everyone involved. Not only do you know exactly what your realtor is doing, you know what your responsibilities are too, so no wondering and worrying

Productive Conversations to Understand Your Wants and Needs

You will always be heard here. Our agents go in-depth to learn
what you’re looking for and help you throughout the process. A bit of matchmaking, a touch of real estate therapy, and plenty of education along the way so you’ll know you’re making an informed decision.

Time-Saving Help

We’ll scour the current listings, preview them for you if need be and then offer you a curated but succinct list of options to consider. We’ll perform a comprehensive market analysis (you may have heard of this as “pulling comps”) to estimate fair market value for any properties you’re interested in to inform our offer strategy.

A Pro in Your Corner

Not only do we advocate and negotiate on your behalf, we also advise you on how to assemble the best support team possible for this process.

Connections in the Community

We connect you with reputable lenders, attorneys and when needed, relevant tradespeople.

We’ll Handle the Paperwork 

We’ll take care of that application for your condo or co-op board! We’ll also prepare and review your application prior to submission and prep you for the process.

Help from Start To Finish


We’re able to offer any post-closing services you need to help you with your move and we’ll always be available for questions or concerns in the future.

Brooklyn Buyer Real Estate Services —See what sets Realty Collective apart! We we center you and your needs in each step of the process. Get in touch!

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