Landlord Services

Our Brooklyn Landlord Services are designed to cater to your needs as a landlord. We work with you to make your job as easy as possible!

We’re proud of the deep relationships we’ve built over the years with landlords, who trust us to find quality renters and work with us again and again. Our 2010 acquisition of Frank Manzione’s namesake brokerage has been the perfect meeting of expertise and energy. Taking a cue from Frank, we never let new technology get in the way of relationships, but we stay ahead of the curve on finding innovative ways to work for you.

Due Diligence and Then Some

We work with renters to ensure they have clear expectations going into the process and that they’re the caliber of tenant you want. That means we handle each step of the screening process and ensure you’ll only hear from vetted applicants.

It’s Your Call

We know that not every landlord wants the same thing. Some want the most money they can possibly get while others are willing to trade off a bigger rent check for a less-demanding tenant. Some like it when renters move on after their lease is up and some prefer renters who stay as long as possible. Whatever kind of renter you want is the kind of renter we will help match you with, or will help you find. And we can’t promise this’ll happen every time, but we’ve been known to be so good at renter-landlord matchmaking, that old tenants still come back and visit.

Attention to Detail

By the time we show your space to potential renters, we’ve already been at work behind the scenes to make sure it presents at its best. We assess the home and neighborhood and consider what kind of renter might be interested, which gives us the inspiration we need to tell the space’s story in a way that will attract your ideal tenant.

Our Brooklyn Landlord Services will make your life easier—get in touch!