Incentives for Merchant-led Events on Atlantic Avenue

We’d like to share this with our local small business community! Atlantic Avenue is a shopping and restaurant destination for many in the neighborhood and beyond. This new BID initiative is such a good idea to growth and sustainable commerce on this strip. Read more below!

Announcing a new BID initiative:
We’ve got $$$ for merchant-led events
Here at the BID, we’ve noticed a fantastic trend of Atlantic Avenue businesses proactively teaming up to launch fun events like sip & shops and art shows for their customers. We’re always excited to see these intra-corridor business collaborations because they help elevate Atlantic Avenue as a preferred destination for entertainment, shopping, and dining.

We want to help these collaborations become more frequent, which is why we’re excited to announce our new microgrant initiative for merchant-led events! We know that the best event/promotion ideas come from the businesses themselves, so we’ll let you come up with the concept–we’ll provide the funding to help cover the production costs of the event.

How it works:

  • The pool of money is divided into four zones; each zone is eligible to receive up to $500 per fiscal year;
  • An applicant group must be composed of at least 5 businesses, and the funding can be used to support the public-facing functions of the event (ex: food, decorations, flyer/poster printing, social media ads, etc.):
  • The proposed event must be free to attendees, open to the public, and take place within the BID’s boundaries;
  • The proposed event should occur across multiple BID businesses at the same time (ex: a group of stores each hosting a “sip & shop” on a weekend afternoon).
For the fine print, click here.
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