End of Summer Gardening Tips

We’ve still got plenty of time to enjoy our gardens. I know it’s not going to start getting cooler for a couple months. We do have to prepare for that though, plan ahead for future planting and maintain what we’ve got growing for as long as we can. Here are some things to think about at the end of summer.
  • Planning for spring– You can be ordering spring bulbs now to plant in the fall. Decide what you want and put your orders in. Interested in free bulbs? New York City hosts a program called The Daffodil Project. It’s a living memorial to September 11th, giving away more than half a million daffodil bulbs to be planted city wide each year. These wouldn’t be for backyards, since they are meant for public spaces. If you have an area on your sidewalk where you can plant, daffodils look so nice surround a tree, you are eligible. Tell your neighbors and maybe the whole block can be bright yellow in the spring. Registration for this project is soon so click the link above and keep that on your radar.
  • Save your seeds– You can grow your favorite’s next year by saving seeds and taking cuttings this year. If any of your plants or veggies seem to be doing especially well these would be the ones to choose.
  • Dry and Can– You can start picking herbs for drying and if you have a lot of one particular vegetable then start pickling, jarring and canning.
  • Plant for the fall– Decide what you’d like to have in your garden for the fall. Spinach, lettuce, peas, and radishes all do well in New York autumn weather.
The Spruce has has a great August “to do” list which you can view here. And I always like to include info to find out when you should be planting or transplanting your seeds. You can view a calendar specifically for New York here.
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