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Please check out our friend and client’s crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo! Swans Nest Yoga – Burning To Live

Sean Moore opened Swans Nest Yoga in Bushwick, Brooklyn last August. You may remember the blog interview we posted right before the grand opening about his experience finding this space with RC’s Victoria Alexander and the connection he feels with his yoga practice. Sean is now expanding the size of the yoga room, creating a new entrance space for community events and creative workshops, and implementing the first installation of Burning To Live – a workshop that utilizes yoga, Eastern and Western philosophies, and exploration of various spiritual and wisdom teachings to help us connect with our authentic selves and reach our full potential.

Sean has worked on Wall Street, DJ’ed in NYC, and spent 7 years working for Acumen helping to bring innovative goods and services to the world’s poor.  But like so many others, it wasn’t until Sean found yoga that he started to feel a sense of fulfillment and purpose.  Sean credits yoga with being the most impactful practice in his life to reduce stress, anxiety and depression and increase a connection to himself and belief in a higher power.

You can learn more about Swans Nest Yoga here, and the Burning to Live workshop here.

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