David’s Journey from Renter to Owner by The Fallon Team

Photo Courtesy of Compass

We met on a warm August evening in Park Slope at what best can be described as a man cave. The garden level duplex was dark. And cramped. And David liked it. I asked ‘Are you concerned about natural light?’ ‘No,’ he said. Hmmm, okay. This will be interesting. That sun-starved duplex ended up being a ‘no’ because of the lack of kitchen storage.

Over the next couple of weeks, I honed in on what was important to David (storage for camping gear, a vented dryer, a spot for his grill) and we put an offer in on a spacious one bedroom condo in a newish Prospect Heights building. The offer was accepted, contracts were out – this was it! Until it fell apart. The seller ended up taking the unit off the market due to a hefty tax bill from selling from overseas.

We took a couple of days off to recover from the disappointment of the deal falling through, then hit the ground running that Sunday for open houses. I got a text from David a couple weeks later saying that he thinks he found the one; a two bedroom, two bathroom condo on Eastern Parkway. It wasn’t the exact location he wanted to be in, but it ticked all of his other boxes: outdoor space, central AC, a VENTED DRYER. We moved quickly after that – I saw the apartment the following day, got his offer in, negotiated, got to an accepted offer, had an inspector through had a signed contract within 10 days.

It was a five month rollercoaster ride resulting in David proudly making the shift from a long time renter to owner and I was lucky to be a part of it. Congratulations, David! I’ll keep an eye out for my housewarming invite.

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