You’re Invited | Buying From a Design Perspective: What to Look For When Shopping For a Home, Fixer upper vs Turn key

One of JP’s “Before” projects in Brooklyn.
The same space “After.”

We’ve all been glued to our TVs and following along on social media, trying to get the low-down on buying a bargain fixer upper. A little sweat equity, a lot of elbow grease, and some imagination can make it your very own dream house.

But we’ve been enticed by those turn-key properties, too. Imagine stepping across your threshold into the pages of a design magazine. No harrowing decisions to make and no unreliable contractors! Who cares about price when all the work is done?

Are you sure you’re ready to face the challenges of a fixer upper? Do you know how to spot the hidden pitfalls in a supposedly turn-key home?

Join us for our presentation, Design Perspective: What to Look For When Shopping For a Home, Fixer upper vs Turn key, and get answers from experts. The event is free and there’ll be plenty of time for you to ask your burning questions!

Realty Collective Founder Victoria Alexander will be covering things from the real estate perspective: How do you know when a fixer upper is worth it? What exactly does a fixer upper look like in Brooklyn? What kind of return can you get on your investment? How do you design with resale in mind?

John “JP” Patrick, Owner/Creative Director of Life By Design, expert in home renovation and design, will teach you how to look at a property and see its potential. You can even see some of his work in the photos above. He’ll show you how to tell the difference between hidden value and big trouble. What are the real costs and benefits of renovation? Is your turn-key a mirage? Is it real renovation or just the veneer of luxe?

Join us for this opportunity to educate yourself as a home buyer. You’ll come away encouraged and more confident in your abilities. You’ll be better able to work with your professionals to not only get the house you want, but the deal you want as well!

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