Watch the Latest Buying Into Brooklyn Presentation | New Info, New Questions

Every time we partner with Attorney Rashidah Siddiqui and Loan Originator Lisa Yountchi for one of our presentations, we uncover new information to share with you about the Brooklyn home buying process—not to mention the fantastic questions we field from participants.

If you haven’t seen the presentation before, now’s your chance. You can watch it on our YouTube channel right now.  If you’re thinking about buying during COVID-19, it’s a must-see, filled with valuable information about how you need to adapt to be a home buyer right now. 

And if you haven’t yet attended, be on the lookout for the next monthly session soon. If that’s too long to wait, feel free to reach out at any time! 

Victoria (Hagman) Alexander


Realty Collective LLC

Manzione Real Estate LLC

Vita Realty

351 Van Brunt Street

Brooklyn, NY 11231

ph:(718) 834-1440

fax: 347-412-9878 


Rashidah S. Siddiqui, Esq.

Serpico, Serpico & Siddiqui, P.C.

16 Court Street, Suite 2000

Brooklyn, New York 11241

Phone: (718) 875-4003

Fax: (718) 875-4011

Email: rsiddiqui@ssspclaw.com

Lisa Yountchi

Outside Loan Originator,

CrossCountry Mortgage

D: (917) 947-9929

W: www.mycarbonteam.com/bk

E: Lisayountchi@myccmortgage.com 


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