Brooklyn Bridge | New Home Buyer in Windsor Terrace

We might sound like a broken record here, but buying in Brooklyn is an emotional rollercoaster. It’s such a nuanced market that it’s tough to know the ins & outs, plus it’s extraordinarily competitive. This is even truer for self-employed individuals, as it can be difficult to cobble together the financial documentation necessary to get a decent mortgage – or a seller willing to play ball. 

Luckily enough for our clients, we specialize in supporting self-employed individuals in their search for their dream Brooklyn home. We did just that for our client, Ashley Michel, by matching her with her condo in Windsor Terrace.

Finding that Perfect Place

With so many options in Brooklyn – condo or co-op, Downtown or Crown Heights – it’s tough to get a real grasp on what you want. You might have your list of non-negotiables, but even then, would you bend for a place with parking, or with a newly renovated kitchen?

These are the types of questions that ran through Ashley’s mind when looking for her Brooklyn home. But, she said, her agent Victoria helped talk her off of multiple “emotional ledges.”

“She was blunt and honest if she didn’t think a place was good enough, or what I was looking for,” she said. “She supported me, which urged me to find the perfect place.”

Getting the Team Assembled

We are real advocates for making sure our clients are prepared, so that when they find the place they want, they’re ready to pounce. This, of course, includes getting your big three assembled – your real-estate agent, mortgage broker, & your attorney (and we have fantastic recommendations for each!). 

Ashley says this was key in her being able to submit an offer and have it accepted within 24 hours. Working with our recommended mortgage broker & attorney, Ashley said she felt supported by a knowledgeable team who were quick to respond to questions. And as a new home-buyer, she had a lot of questions. 

Victoria and her team at Realty Collective made sure I was clear on every step of the process,” she said. “She was always available, and quick to respond. I felt so confident that I was being taken care of, which is worth so much.

Patience truly is a virtue

No matter how prepared you are, though, there will always be a few bumps in the road. That’s why Ashley recommends first time buyers remain patient. “Things will always take a little longer than you think,” she says. We can definitely attest to this, which is why we always tell buyers to expect the unexpected. It’s important to remain flexible, and always remember, if you’re working with Realty Collective, we’ll always have your back.

Reaching the Finish Line

But, if at any point the process feels grueling, we always remind our clients that the wait is *always* worth it. Ashley, who picked a condo in the quiet & charming Windsor Terrace, loved the location as much as she loved the interior. Not only is she a quick walk from Nitehawk Theatre & Prospect Park, but she has a kitchen that is to die for. 

I fell in love with the drama of it. The built-in library and the winding staircase are gorgeous. Plus, THE KITCHEN! It’s a home chef’s dream,” she said.

And now, she gets to turn this place into a home. It’s the closest you can get to a fairytale ending.

A few last remarks

By the time you close on your home, you’ve become an expert in Brooklyn real-estate, even if it does feel like a maze at first. We agree with Ashley when she says that Brooklyn’s real-estate market is not only unique, but eccentric – and there’s quite no other journey like it. 

This process is scary,” Ashley admits. “Realty Collective makes it fun.”

We’re so happy to have matched Ashley with her dream home – and we’d love to do the same for you. We’ll be your confidant, your late-night question answerer, & ultimately, your home matchmaker. Chat with us! We’d love to hear from you.

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