New Pizza in Red Hook.

Posh Tomato is a pizza place at 252 Conover that has only been open a couple of months now.  We love the signage! We took some pics in the middle of a weekday so it was totally dead but haven’t been by to see if it gets crowded at night.  Red Hook can definitely use […]

Battersby guys opening new place!

When we walked by 412 Court last week some guys were hard at work transforming the old Vinzee’s Magic Fountain space into the new restaurant by Battersby owners, which we were told would be called Dover and have the same style food as the extremely delicious Battersby on Smith street. Unlike their Smith street spot, […]

Art Show this weekend on Columbia Street.

At 221 Columbia Street there is a storefront, which is called Otherworldly at the moment.  The space is part yoga studio part art gallery but the owner says that she’d like people to think of it more as a community space.  They had an art show last weekend that’s being extended to this coming weekend […]

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