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Women-Owned Brooklyn Business #2: Superfine Design

One of the best parts of working in real estate over the years is seeing how people design their space. It’s incredible how I’ve watched spaces transform from one resident to the next.  One space I saw transformed last year was an alcove studio in Clinton Hill.  Josie Floyd, the owner of Superfine designed her space by only furnishing the essentials. The market was incredibly over-saturated with inventory last August and I credit Josie’s design and the LL’s pricing to how quickly her studio went to lease signing.  Her Superfine 5 Mantras are:

  • Less Stuff, More Clarity
  • Quality over Quantity
  • Discard, Donate, Discover
  • Love it, Use it, Keep it
  • Acknowledge and Release

Here is the Q&A from Josie:

What inspired you to change paths and start Superfine?
I wanted to help people – it’s as simple as that! I talked to so many friends and family who were overwhelmed with their apartments and homes and realized that making tiny changes can have a huge impact on not only your home, but overall outlook.

What items do people have a hard time letting go of?  
Mementos are tough. I recommend taking photos of them, that way they live on in perpetuity but take up less space.

How long does the “Superfine process” last for your clients?  
On average, I work with clients for 10-12 hours across 2-3 days. But I also help many people for 3-4 hours and they see a tremendous change.

What’s one tip for spring cleaning you would suggest?
It’s easier to clean when you have less clutter! So start with sorting and removing the clutter and you’ll find that all the tasks surrounding actual cleaning (mopping, dusting, washing, etc) will be so much faster.

Her tips are definitley helping me as I make a spring purge! Medium featured her in that 230 sq ft studio she rented in Clinton HIll.  If you are thinking of home organizing this spring then feel free to reach out to Superfine!

Photo by David Katz


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