Vacant Lots Transformed by Francesca Girardi

Happy Fall All!

If you caught my last newsletter we discussed vacant storefronts and Ridgewood’s efforts to tackle this widespread issue by connecting store owners and individuals to fill vacant storefronts through short term leases. Another approach has been displayed by these magicians seeming to work through the night. Turning the rundown and neglected into green magic spaces hidden away amongst the concrete.

Living Lots NYC, previously working as 596 Acres, has been working their magic since 2011. These community members see the vacant lots as opportunities for community enhancement, transforming forgotten lots into green getaways, and they are just getting started.  Living Lots NYC has directly facilitated almost 40 new community spaces amounting to over 7 acres- a total area larger than Union Square Park. Yes, some of these green space are temporary, however 30 of these spaces have been made permanent through transfers to the Parks Department or leases with public authorities. They also connect data on lots throughout New York, mapping and providing information about vacant public land. Supporting organizers working to transform the lots in their lives into community gardens, pocket parks and playspaces is key. Through experience they provide guidance to anyone looking to take on a vacant lot project

Notice a neglected lot in your neighborhood?

Request a lot cleaning from NYC Sanitation to come out to clean it by filling out an online form. You can also call 311.

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