Top 6 Suggestions For Hiring Movers When Moving In Brooklyn

Are you moving to Brooklyn, NY? Or maybe you’re already in Brooklyn but have found a new place. Packing and hauling all your belongings can be stressful, which is why many people who move and live in the big apple hire movers. We put together a few suggestions to keep in mind when hiring movers when moving in Brooklyn, NY. 

Look for Reputable Movers

Moving into the city can be difficult with the congested streets and one-side street parking rules. You want to trust the people you put in charge of your prized possessions. You only want to consider movers who are properly licensed, fully insured, and have a physical address (not just an online presence). We also recommend checking reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other credible resources.

Hint: Ask your broker for their recommendation. They usually have a few

Get Multiple Quotes

One of the first questions you might have when moving is “how much does it cost to hire movers in nyc?” It all depends on how far you’re moving and when. Getting multiple quotes allows you to see the common prices. If a price is quoted higher or lower than the average you are receiving, this should raise a red flag. Taking the lowest quote may not be the best option, so make sure you do your research. 

If you have specific circumstances, call the company directly and explain. Sometimes filling out the details box is not enough, and you don’t want surprise fees at the end. Another reason to call is to negotiate pricing for easier moves that are a mile or less away, don’t require more than one flight of stairs, or don’t need furniture breakdown and assembly. 

Some companies will offer discounts on their websites, especially during the slower season. They also tend to have returning customer and referral discounts. 

Hint: Make sure you know if the movers charge a flat or hourly fee. This is very important when it comes to your budget and how long the move may take.

Book In Advance

Always book in advance! Trying to order a moving company in Brooklyn, New York a week out is impossible and you will most likely be stuck moving everything yourself. Early booking can also save you money. The sooner the date approaches, the more expensive it will be. You want to book at least a month before you plan on moving in Brooklyn, NY to receive a decent price. (Attention Buyers: don’t schedule movers until after you close on your new home!)

Hint: Remember you will most likely need to put down a deposit when booking your movers. 

Be Flexible About Your Moving Day

Did you know that the beginning and end of the month are the most common times to move? Well, now you do!

Try to avoid these days if you can. Making your move in the middle of the month can be very cost-efficient. 

We also recommend to move during the “slow season”. This includes the fall and winter months. Memorial Day through Labor Day are the busiest times of the year for movers since school is out and people have more time to look for new homes.

Hint: Be aware of your building’s rules. The rules can be very strict, like no moving on Saturdays or Sundays. Check before you book your movers.  

Take On Some Of The Labor

Packing yourself can greatly reduce the cost of moving. full-service moving companies in Brooklyn, New York offer optional packing, and some movers don’t even offer it as a way to provide lower pricing.

For example some companies will offer a discount if you move your things to the ground floor, a customizable service known as curb to curb. This is because it reduces the time and labor of lugging everything down the stairs making it cheaper for you. 

Negotiate Supplies

Some companies can’t discount the overall price too far before losing money or underpaying crew. But they can offer supplies in return, like wardrobe boxes, or deliver boxes to you before the moving date. Specific companies even offer a discount for using plastic bins to move as an eco-friendly approach.  

Hint: If the company does not budge on supplies, shop around for the best prices and always buy more than you think you need. You can return anything you don’t use. 

Moving in Brooklyn, NY can be an exciting next adventure for you and/or your family. Find your new place with us at your side. Get in touch with us today! 


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