Feeling Trendy? Here are the Top Renovations in Brooklyn for 2022

New year, new home styles — are we right? If you want to prepare your home for a top-dollar sale, jump on board with the smooth style our neighbors are taking on — smart specs, decade-replicating details, functional fashion, and more. We’re excited about what this year will bring, and we think you will be, too. 

Specifically, these top five New York City renovation trends are sure to make their way across listings. And it might be worth it to try some of them on your own.

Honor the History

Gone are the days of making everything modern. This year —and truthfully as far as we can see forward— buyers are going to look for those story-filled details that only antique details can bring. Don’t worry if the space you’re selling is on the newer side, however. Replicating is just as good as preserving the real stuff.

And if you happen to live in one of BK’s wonderfully historic neighborhoods like Carroll Gardens, this is a project you definitely don’t want to pass by.

Hone in on Home Tech

That’s right — smart home technology isn’t going away anytime soon. Buyers crave simplicity, and when living spaces are built in a way that makes their days at least a little bit easier, there will definitely be a pull toward your home over an unconnected competitor.

When you start adding technology to your home, think beyond the Ring doorbell. Current hot options include blinds, projectors, TVs, lights, outlets, speakers, and more. PS — how cool would it be to bring in that historical touch we mentioned above by covering the television with a remote-controlled picturesque cover?

Install Spa-Worthy Soaking Tubs

We’ve all made it through a significant chunk of a global pandemic. We deserve to feel like queens and kings when our evening bath rolls around. Soaker tubs are all the rage right now, as are other home spa-like features such as steam showers, radiant flooring, and spacious restrooms. We’re also loving those stunning metallic features — modern or vintage style will do, so go with the one that suits your space best.

Invite Everyone into the Home Office

We all know our homes need at least one functional working space. But the times are moving away from a black and white, paper-filled office that lives with its door closed after five every day. Now is the time to give your study more than one purpose — maybe you’ll stage it as a virtual school space or the main level playroom. 

One incredible detail that can transform your home offices is a clear or translucent door. It’ll let the light in and help future dwellers keep an eye on the littles while everyone spends time doing their own thing.

Brooklyn’s own NX at 215 North 10th Street has perfected the multifunctional home office if you happen to need some neighborly inspiration.

Make a Statement with Curves

It may be an unexpected change, but round is in — especially in Brooklyn. Maryana Grinshpun of Brooklyn’s own Mammoth Projects, which is also women owned and operated, states these designs bring in a 1970s vibe that buyers are falling hard for. And remember those huge, relaxing soaker tubs we mentioned? They’d make a great place to start.

Along with the cozy, curvy time, try bringing this shape into your staging furniture choices. A nice, cushiony half-moon couch or unique end table may be exactly what it takes to bring this trend into your own living space.

Keep in mind, though, that trends are just that – trendy. And though keeping up with trends can help drum up interest, it’s important to remember that each home is different & unique, and not every trend is meant for you. 

That’s why working with an experienced and hyper-localized Brooklyn real-estate company (like us!) can help spare you the cost of unhelpful renovations that might not end up doing you any justice. Reach out anytime!

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