There’s Mold in My Apartment — What Now?

Mold is by far one of the most unwanted apartment guests. The substance can lead to health issues and home safety concerns, and it can appear in both new and old homes. Some common causes include a leak that’s seeping in from another unit, clogged PTACs, and broken washing machine hoses. Though mold can also grow from leaky windows, roofs, and other unmaintained parts of your home.

Below, we’ll look into how to tell if your apartment has mold, as well as what to do when you find it.

How Can I Tell If My Apartment Has Mold?

Ask yourself these three questions to determine if mold may be a concern in your home:

What do I see?

Mold appears visibly as black, gray, brown, and/or green spotting. It will likely show up around water leaks, such as around windows, under sinks, near the washing machine, or on the walls or ceiling. 

What do I smell?

A musty smell is often the first sign of mold. You may only smell it when you enter your home, since you’ll become accustomed to the scent as you spend more time inside.

How do I feel?

Even if you don’t see or smell mold in your apartment, health challenges can be a good reason to test. Mold can cause asthma and other respiratory issues, headaches, skin rashes, and irritated eyes.

What Are the First Steps in Getting Rid of Mold?

If you own your home, you’ll want to contact a mold remediation company right away. They can help you with testing, cleanup, and identifying the water intrusion issue that led to growth in the first place. 

If you rent your apartment, it may not be your responsibility to pay for remediation. In an older building, the landlord would likely be responsible. In a new build, the developer may be at fault. Call your landlord or board with any issues you may suspect, and they should be able to help you get the remediation process started.


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